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Wifi SSID spoof, seeing Password being tried to connect?


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Technically but, it is still there in a hash or rainbow table form. In what is called a 4 way hand shake. 

1. The router is sendng out association requests to any1 devices

2. The device/devices try to connect to router get prompt for a password, you enter password

3. Router verifiess password is the one that is set in its memory

4. You see on your devices the little wifi device symbol on the top corner, or you get further asked to login into the netwerk. 

Somehow the passwords or psk

(preshared key)

is sent over the wifi freq. hash or rainbow table.

The new encrption wpa2 is far more techniclly advanvced than the older newer (newer by newer technology) encryption. Wep which was used in the early 2000s was prown to being cracked easily with @aircrack-ng that is why it is still program of chose of hackers today. Even though wpa2 is still nearly impossible to crack.

little schooling for ya

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