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Blue screen of death

David Byers

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Plugging the plunder bug in to my Windows 10 laptop causes a BSoD with SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED every time. Booting with the bug already connected worked, but unplugging it caused a BSoD. Similar on a colleague's laptop that has a lot less cruft on it than mine. Anyone see the same and have any ideas on what might be going on?

Sad, because apart from crashing our Windows boxes, it really works great 🙂

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That is really strange. I've never seen this happen. It works perfectly on all of my Windows boxes. 

Do you happen to have a WiFi Pineapple NANO - because if that works with the Windows boxes I'm even more at a loss since they share the same ASIX chipset.

Is anyone else experiencing this?



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We have two corporate Windows 10 images -- old and new. The old one bluescreens reliably when we connect or disconnect the plunder bug. The new one doesn't and neither do clean-from-media installs of Windows 10. We're going to do some more testing to see if we can figure out what about the old image is causing an issue with the bug.

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