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Automatic Symlinking for sd card


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Hey all,

When installing stuff to the sd card, it often needs symlinking to the working directory on the pineapple nano to complete the installation. For one-off's its fine to do manually, but on larger git install's or opkg packages with many folders/files it can be a PITA. So I got to looking around for tools/scripts, I found a few (some better than others) but think I found something that works, and works well on the pineapple YMMV.

It has one small sized dependency so can be installed to pineapple nano rather than sd : -

opkg update && opkg install coreutils-realpath

You can run it multiple times and it will only create links for unlinked files so could be run on the base directory after adding new files like: -

aln -s /sd/usr/ -d /usr/

I have been using it for a few days and so far so good, so figured I would share for others to try out.  https://github.com/eyit/aln

Hopefully its useful to others.

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