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Hey SO I want to get a wifi pineapple however I notice that it is only 2.4ghz and not also 5ghz and I saw that the tetra can do both however it is more money and out of stock. So I was wondering should I get the nano or should I buy a cheaper dual band wifi adapter that has the ability to do monitor mode and packet injection? For example I bought a deauther and I was going to use it in my house and test it out however most of the devices we use connect to the 5ghz frequency so I could not use the deauther for the most part. So I wasn't sure if I should just get a dual band wifi adapter or the pineapple and if it wasn't that big of a deal since it doesn't ave 5ghz capability? If not the pineapple any recommendations I am looking at maybe getting the AWUS036ACH but I want the pineapple do the the GUI.

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if its 5ghz your after then the Tetra is the way to go.  other than that get a verified 5ghz wifi dongle that can do monitor mode and packet injection and use kali.  Not the same but just as good if not better, if you know what your doing.   Also there are many tutorials about it on the webs.

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