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Best of Hak.5 DVD

Darren Kitchen

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After seeing hack5 for the first time and reading this post, I had to register. If you're still looking for DVD authoring software, I highly recommend Adobe Encore. I haven't come across anything better, having authored many dvds. The commercial TMPGEnc software bundles and many others that are similar make your dvds somewhat incompatible and ugly. If encore is too expensive or you have found something already to edit menus, etc, I would recommend using the TMPGEnc Encoder for transcoding your avi's to mpeg2. Just make sure you select "center, keep aspect ratio", i assume your dv footage is 720x480. It's free and does 2 pass vbr, noise reduction, etc.

Also as a footnote, if your vegas video editor, which i've never used, supports 5.1, do it! for the moments you guys walk behind the camera or paper airplanes fly by.

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An interesting thing to consider is that there are rugged cardboard envelopes with thin plastic foam lining that are PREFECT for sending CDs/DVDs at pretty much the same cost as sending a postcard. Include the printed cover sheet and you're done. The recipient then simply has to go out and buy a 'normal' DVD case locally (or if he's like me, still has a TON in storage) and combine the three, but will have saved considerably on shipping costs. Alternatively, the recipient can ditch the coversheet (or make his own) and use a regular CD case.

I'm kinda worried that, just like with the T-Shirts, the shipping fees will turn me off from getting one of these. This might be a way to reduce that amount.

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Just thought I'd give an update. Work is going well on the "Best Of" DVD. The biggest problem so far has been choosing what makes the cut since I can't jam a ton of content on the disc without making it look like crap. So far I've been able to include 10 segments, 6 sketches, and I think I've got room for an Intro and some extras. I'm trying to think of what extras would make sense on this DVD since it may be the viewers first experience with Hak5. We've got enough bonus material for the season1 dvd which will span an entire disc itself but I'm not sure that behind the scenes on the set, or editing, or the anatomy of a segment, or crew interviews really makes sense on this disc.


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Hi I'm a new member and I really enjoy your show 8) Seen 4.5 episodes and I'll watch all the others after school ;) It's a really cool thing that you're releasing this DVD via BitTorrent, can't wait it. And I probably wouldn't be able to order it if you would be selling it as I live in Finland ;) I hope you get the DVD done and released as soon as possible I'm really waiting to see it! ;)

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Maybe you could add in a sitdown interview thing where you guys talk about why you did the show as well as your favorite moments. I think it would be cool for new viewers to get that personal side of things with out going as deep as the season 1 dvd set.

To me as a view of this stuff in general a lot of the time it's the cool people that make you want to come back and stay not just take the content and leave.

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