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Tetra not connecting to internet on eth0


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I have a Tetra i need to deploy remotely, 

the internet connection will be on Eth0. 

the plan is to setup openvpn connection back to my network so that i can monitor the device, (using duth and pineAP) 
in the network settings i can see a route to default gateway 
however, when i click on the load bulletins on the front page it does not load, i have reset the device completely and still it wont load/see the internet. 

any help would be great on this. 

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Sorry i thought i had Hid Edit on the same Form, did not mean to add more the  1 post.... 


ALSO in Updated News, The VPN is working now. is it possible to get either SSH or Web interface from the Tunnel is to come in form my network on <the ip of the pineapple) so that i can manage the device. 

yes i know about the cloud connection but it dose not allow access to all modules.... 

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