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Pineapple connexion error


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I very often have this error (under windows 10): Error connecting to WiFi Pineapple.com. Please check your connection.
I can not solve the problem while I have followed all the procedures. Enabled WiFi sharing on my PC, configured the PineApple card with the correct address, etc.
How to solve this problem ?
Thank you for your help


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3 hours ago, Djebel said:

No, but i using Kaspersky (KIS) and MalwareByte also.

Its worth trying to either disable (if possible) or temporarily removing AV if you are having ICS issues. I recently learned that avast was stopping windows from doing ICS for another community member. For them there was no allow or disable, they had to remove it. Crazy but it solved the issue so might be worth a try.

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