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Auto SSH with LAN Turtle


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I'm having trouble getting the LANturtle to connect with ssh, I can get the key to set and I can ping from the turtle to the Cloud IP address but I can not connect to the turtle from my Cloud IP address. I did notice that in the video explaining how to set it up there were only 3 options in set up after the keys are set and I have 4 options host, port, port and port. Does anyone have an idea on what to do?

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For my 4 options I have me@mybox.com

I have my ssh port I use on mybox.com. 22 

I have the port on that box I will see open and use to connect back on 2222

for the last option its the port on my turtle that ssh runs on. 22


I found I had to run it first from the command prompt and approve the server before it would work. Also I put in a crontab to restart every day otherwise I seem to not have a connection when I look for it a month later.  YMMV

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