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Port Security and Packet Squirrel

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I wanted to capture the Pcap File Of a Network with Packet Squirrel

But It Was Failed

That network Has a Port security in the network

Nowdays a lot of Networks have a security configuration like Port security

what should I do?

Is there any way to bypass this features?thanks

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I tested in my network that has a port security 

And it causes that that port of my network go to the error disable mode because of violation!!!and in the log I can see the MAC address of packet squirrel!

if We can’t Capture the net traffic of this kind of network then this tool is not a good tools, even my friends in their small internet center use port security and dot1x

this kind problem is exists in lan turtles too!!

Any idea and any solution!?

dose the Frimware should be change!?

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If they have port security enabled then only the mac address that was connected to that port would be allowed by the system. There may be a method where you can spoof the mac address if you know it, but that'll require more research.

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