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FM detection

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I am trying to capture the FM frequencies using HackRF-one. I don't have the regular antenna, so I am using a different antenna (shown below). When I tried to record the FFT plot for the range of frequencies the receiver is able to capture, I obtained a plot as shown in the image below. I am a bit curious as to why the number of peaks and the height (length) of each peak is small. Can it be due to the antenna that I am using or the place where the SDR is operated? I am unable to receive any FM signal from the audio sink. If you have any ideas, please let me know.  

Sample rate : 20 MHz

Channel center freq : 104.3 MHz

Screenshot from 2019-02-26 16-49-42.png


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2 hours ago, Sri said:

any ideas, please let me know

Did you already try using it through GQRX? http://gqrx.dk/

It has some built in demodulators including FM

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