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OpenVPN Portal for WiFi Clients


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I want to setup the Pineapple Tetra as a VPN Portal, i.e. when a client connects to the wireless AP, the traffic should be routed directly through a VPN Connection. I already managed to setup a VPN Server and connect the Pineapple to the Server. Unfortunately the traffic is not routed per default through the tunnel interface.

The OpenVPNClient Module has an option to share the VPN Connection with the clients, but it doesn't seem to work. I've had a look at the module.php script and have seen that the script adds/removes iptables rules for nat/POSTROUTING. 

I've tried to enter these rules manually, but had no success.

Also I've tried to set up a bridge to tun0 but brctl doesn't seem to accept the tun0 interface as input parameter.

Another option I've tried was changing the default route, but this disconnected me from the pineapple unless I've pulled out and put back in the network cable.


Does anyone has an ideat how to make this work?




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