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How to upload & use image (.jpg) on portal


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Alright, consider me the most inexperienced person on this forum - I'm admitting it now and could really use some help.

I've been able to get both the tetra and nano set up correctly, sharing wifi, and working good so far.  Now I'm attempting to set up my portals - which I eventually want to collect information from - but I cannot figure out how to get the .jpg image file I want to use on the portal into my directory to reference.

If it matters, my html code is stored in /root/portals/portal1/index.php.  I will have 5 slightly different portals all referencing the same image in the end.

How do I upload my image into the pineapple to reference?


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From linux supposing your image is called image.jpg and you keep it in Your home directory:

open terminal (usually ctrl+alt+t)



scp /home/image.jpg root@


it will ask the pineapple root pass and it’s done.

if tou need to copy a whole directory same command just add -r flag after scp

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