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Recon scan won't work


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I'm fairly new to this device and I just set it up. I'm still not sure how to enable the wifi, which the setup procedure asked me to disable. I thought I was expected to push the reset button for a few seconds (more than 1 and less than 7). But whenever I push the reset button for any amount of time, the device immediately reboots.

The problem I'm having is I tried the Recon Scan feature, but it ends with 100% NaN with Unknown Error, much like what is decribed here:


I am using the 2.4.2x firmware and the device takes it power from the wall, not the USB.

Here's a debug:


And here's the output of the commands given by Foxtrot in the other thread, just in case:


(FYI in the web GUI, it says "PineAP Daemon: Enabled" so that may be why the first command failed, and I killed it after a few minutes of nothing happening)



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Firstly, thank you for posting the debug log.

I see some issues hostapd is having due to your PSK of choice, causing both hostapd and some of the radios to not come up. Make sure you have a sane PSK (8-63 characters (Yours is 64 characters)), and see if the issue is resolved.

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