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WifiPineapple in Kali Linux Virtual Box


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Hello All.

Question, i have a Wifi Pineapple nano, and I want to connect it to kali linux, but I have had problems with the configuration.

my scenario is the following

1. I have a MacbookPro, in the I have a virtual kali machine with Virtual Box

2. I have configured Virtual Box with Bridge Network and USB enabled.

3. Download the file the last update and the save in the machine

4. Download wp6.sh

5. Configure my Wifi Pineapple with wp6.sh but it is not enough to finish the configuration and it stays stuck!

    Step 1 of 3: Select Default Gateway
    Default gateway reported as
    Use the above reported default gateway?             [Y/n]? y

    Step 2 of 3: Select Internet Interface
    Internet interface reported as eth0
    Use the above reported Internet interface?          [Y/n]? y

    Step 3 of 3: Select WiFi Pineapple Interface
    Please connect the WiFi Pineapple to this computer.
    Detected WiFi Pineapple on interface eth1
    Use the above detected WiFi Pineapple interface?    [Y/n]? y

    Settings saved.

    Saved Settings: Share Internet connection from eth0
    to WiFi Pineapple at eth1 through default gateway

    [C]onnect using saved settings
    [G]uided setup (recommended)
    [M]anual setup
    [A]dvanced IP settings

Any Help???


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