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Cannot reset password of my Pineapple TETRA


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I read this https://wiki.wifipineapple.com/legacy/#!reset.md

And I don't see any possibility for me to reset the password of web interface.

I forget it, was some big password.

I tried reset password but not help. Always it ask me the root password.

What I can to do ? No information on the internet.

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4 minutes ago, Valea said:

I used reset button, before use the button, was blue led indicated. Now is yellow. Passed few minutes I think, and nothing changing. Need to wait more time ?

Can you get to the Pineapples browser UI @ ?

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Sorry guys, was limit by the forum so I not was able to replay here.

Yes I was able to open the page above but always asking password. So reset button not helped me.

Only way was it's to firmware reset or how it's named.

After full reset I put new login and passwords.


Thank you guys for help.

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