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hacker found, how can I spread the word


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I am from germany and new to this forum.

I should have registered earlier, cause I like most of the hak5 content.

Anyway, I found some serious hackers that are taking advantage of big companies at my country, like Media Markt, DHL and eBay. I am not quite sure how they pull this off. But when researching "Dorin Lilie Bratu" it seems other companies selling stuff on eBay are hacked too, so I assume eBay got hacked or had a data leak. Not quite sure how they got DHL (biggest Post Office at germany) involved. Maybe  it was a coincidence that I didn't get two of three deliveries, and DHL stated that the packages were delivered at my address. 

This blackhats are collecting money via a Bank Head Office in Romania. May articles sold on eBay aren't worth much so ppl won't care if things went south. This way the blackhats are collecting most of their money I think. Heck, in my case of losing 244€ I am still not sure if I should go to the police.

I tried to explain to eBay how they did cover their tracks, but they aren't able to do anything against it.

Now I am looking for a way to spread the word so other ppl won't step into a trap like I did. You guys have any advice what I should do ?


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