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SSH accessed Pineapple Tetra with VPN

Olaf Mufjay

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First I would like to apologize if there is already a topic in this regard. I'm not successful with googel translator and after a few hours of despair I thought to create a post.

My idea is to reach pineapple via a VPN on the way to send and receive data. And to control these on the go with SSH with a Samsung Galaxy (running a Linux distribution on it).

I know it's not the best choice but I was thinking about getting a nexus. But to get to the point here are these things that I have already built.


1. I have created a ubuntu server in the cloud and equipped it with an OpenVPN Access Server.


2. Now I've created two user permissions once HomeNetwork (It's my pineapple tetra that I use as a home server) and once client (which is my samsung galaxy).

    When I'm in my home network I can easily access the pineapple via Wi-Fi with SSH. Only now comes the problem I do not understand how the VPN should work.


3. I have connected openvpn (HomeNetwork.ovpn and client.ovpn) to my ubuntu server in the cloud on which I have installed OpenVPN Access Server.


4. Via OpenVPN (***. ***. ***. ***: 943 / admin) these users are shown to me and got their VPN address.

          Client: ***. **. 232.22
          HomeNetwork: ***. **. 232.20


5. I now wanted to try SSH to connect to my HomeNetwork (Ananas tetra) with Samsung Galaxy. I'm not on the same network I was in the VPN with LTE.

    But I noticed that after some time an error message came (ssh: connect to ***. **. 232.20 port 22: Connection timed out)


6. I made an IP scan with the VPN and I noticed that no IP was online only from my Samsung Galaxy.


I have more information:

          My pineapple IP in the network:

          HomeNetwork Settings in OpenVPN Access Server

          Select addressing method: Use NAT
          Allow Acces From: all server-side private sbnets
          Allow Access From: all other VPN clients

          VPN Gateway: Yes

          allow client to act as VPN gateway for these client-side sbnets:

          DMZ settings: no

I hope you can explain my mistake why it does not work. It would be nice to be able to access my home server on the way to download or upload software or scripts.

I hope the Google translator translates it understandably that you know what I mean I would like to thank you now for your time and am pleased about an answer.

I wish you nice greetings from Germany and I will try hard to learn English so that we can communicate better.


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So I have solved my problem now I have not seen how the walt for the trees. I have set in the OpenVPN setting allow access to network I saved but did not update the running server. I can now access all devices via SSH no matter where I am.

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