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Python Programming for Nokia N70 phone.


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Hello all.

I have a question to all the ppl that know a greate about mobil technology.

I got a Nokia N70, and as you know, it's based on the Symbian OS. I'v installed python prog-language for learning the way of python.

The question is:

Is there any chance that you can write a script that turns the phone into a net scanner? (As scanning for wireless networks, to recon if there is a net for you to use with your laptop or not...)

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Well. The N70 do not have WiFi nor do it have Wlan. So, the only way to make this work, have to be:

By connection the USB kabel to an router and make a appscript that run on the N70 and then use the router to look for wireless networks.

This sounds like a project for Sir Wess... :p

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Why use the phone to do it? Why not just buy one of those $5 beeping keyrings to do it? The USB -> router connection would be a mission, as you would have to add support for the router yourself. ie code your own drivers. The router part is relatively easy, just openWRT as a kismet drone or similar. But getting the data to your phone without an internet connection would be much harder. Can you not just splash out on a wireless card for your phone?

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Yes, thats a possibility. But not that fun :p Im talking to a friend here at the same time im writing here...

And i think its better to make a sheshe connetcor for the usb wireless adapter to the usb cabel to the phone... If im going to use the phone that is. :p And make a code in python that reads the. If im not mistaking, the Wireless USB adapter generates signals if there is a nett in the air.

So, if one connect a Wireless USB Adapter to the phone, make a python script that listen on the port in the phone. And wham, its a scanner... Or?

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cheap PDA + wireless + net stumbler?

I see what your trying to do, but your going to need drivers to add support for the wireless adaptor to your phone. The hardware isn't the hard part really. Otherwise its not going to be able to use the hardware. Also, power might be an issue.

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The phone doesn't have a USB host so making a cable and connecting the adapter will do nothing.

The only way i can even remotly see a way of doing this is with a device you could connect to with bluetooth. Have that do the scanning and forward the data to the phone.

So if you could mod a dd-wrt capable router so it has a bluetooth device (is it possible? serial to bluetooth maybe?) then you could go the route VaKo mentioned with it being a kistmet drone and some magic code that forwarded the data to the phone.

Oh and one last thing before you go even further, the python sdk may not even have access to the hardware level of the phone so you couldn't even do anything with python.

Failing all that just spend the £/$10-15 on the key chain

If you manage to succeed do let us know i love fun projects like this.

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