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HackRF gps help

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I've got a hackrf, but I need help and hoping someone with more experience can help me out.
I have got it working which is the good thing 🙂

Issues I'm getting

My output bin files need to be 2 hours long  -d 7200 to keep me at a static position for this period of time, but when the new nasa GPS update file comes out each day I don't want to keep updating and redoing this file is there anyway round this or can you loop the standard 300 second without resetting the stream??? I've found you can reset the 300 stream 2 or 3 times and you'll not get the signal for some time.

The GPS simulation is pretty good but at times it will loose GPS and its very important this stays active at all times.

If I buy an external tcxo clock will this stabalize the GPS connection, or has anyone mastered consistent results without it?

Thanks in advance




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