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wireless admin access


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I have a question about wireless admin access. Is there a tool or way to gain access to the router setup page? like on an open network, when the setup page has a username and password on it different from the "linksys", "admin" default? Thanks for the help


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What if you don’t have physical access to the router? I tried 2 Google it and all I can come up with is how to break the wep or wpa keys, that’s not what I’m looking for. *thanks for the help*


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MMmm with a correct SNMP manager its do able to get acces to a lot of AccesPoints.

Thats all i can and will say about it :wink:

A hint Use Google.



OpenSNMP :-) When I was Pen Testing a few years ago, I brought about 100 DSU's to their knees with one while loop and an snmpset command :-D.

The only problem I can see with this approach is that the access point, or something it is connected to in the network has to recognize you to connect to it over TCP/IP.

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