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Payloads not executing on Windows 10


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I just got my BB today and I am testing it out. I have updated it fully. But, I am having an issue where two payloads are not executing properly. I have tried the UnifiedRickRollWindows and the Notepad_fun. Neither seems to execute the keyboard commands. I did not modify the payloads at all. I just copied them to the switch position folders. I left them with the name payload. Am I missing something? I did search and didn't find anything that seemed to help me. Thanks in advance.

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Your problem with the Rickroll payload may possibly be that you "didn't modify it" it is set up to go off at a certain time of day (the default is 10:51 AM in the script) 

In the future, you may want to check the readme.md for the payloads you run? (correct me if this is not your problem!)

Other helpful diagnostics are: did any LEDs flash?, Did any windows pop up and close?, and any other minute details 🙂

(I also received my bash bunny today! and it DOES have a learning curve)

Best of Luck!

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Thanks for the reply. I thought the same thing too, but played with it and wasn't able to get it going. I also did the Notepad_fun payload with the same result. The LED's did flash in the order that the payload had designated, but no action on the computer. 

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