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tetra not taking my password for login


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i just got a new tetra for an engagement coming up.  i followed the directions, went into the setup page and put a 35 character password with spaces on for both of them, although they were different.  then it asked me to upgrade the firmware to 2.4.2, so i did.  then it didn't let either one of the passwords work.  when i put in the root password, the login box went away then came back.  i tried the other one and it said invalid username or password.  then i tried the other one and it went away, then returned.  i tried to reset the pineapple by holding the button down for seven seconds, then it booted into the setup screen again, so i thought maybe spaces were not allowed, so i used testtest for both of them.  tried to login, same results, although this time i couldn't try both since they were the same and i didn't get the invalid message.  after this, i even tried the old default password, pineapplesareyummy, with no luck either.  i tried to reset again thinking it may not allow weak passwords, but this time it didn't reset, but came up with the login screen again.  i held it down for 30 seconds and it still did not reset.  after reading for an hour, i found the firmware recovery, so i tried it and it worked. 


this time, i set the passwords different and simple, but it did the same thing.  i took it to our weekly hacking class and showed it to a friend who has one and he watched while i reset the thing and set it up again.  by now, it only takes about 8 minutes start to finish including reboots.  he said i was doing everything correctly and that i should email darren.  i told him i had a case open but have not heard back from them in over a week.  i was wondering if anyone else had similar issues with 2.4.2?  i am going to try one more time, this time going back a few releases and see if i can get one to take the password, but i am running out of time before i need to use it to pay for itself, along with helping these guys out.  any suggestions are appreciated.

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This is an issue that we've not heard of before - have you tried clearing your browser cache and disabling any plugins that might be interfering? A quick way to tell would be to try logging in via incognito.

I notice you said you upgraded to 2.4.2 then the issues started happening - I think it's a caching issue because setup is required after an upgrade, and would explain why the dialog disappears.


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I cleared everything, disabled everything, and even downloaded and installed chrome to try.  i did get it fixed, however, and the trick turned out to be waiting for a few days and trying again.  after posting this to the forum, i had a couple of things to do but when i got the tetra out again, i went through the whole process again, with a few older versions downloaded, but when i put the password in, it took it.  i am still not sure what happened, because when i went to the upgrade section it said i was on 2.4.1, not 2.4.2, but the only version i had downloaded at that time was 2.4.2.  unless the factory image was 2.4.1 i am still confused why it said that version.  anyway, if you want me to grab any logs to send in to check let me know and i will.

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