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I am looking for a bit of guidance. I have a TETRA, and am trying to get an OpenVPN connection between my TETRA and my house. I have the connection working but am having DNS leaks. I believe that it has to do with dnsmasq but am not familiar with it. I would like to have all of my DNS requests through the VPN connection.

Where I am so far;

Followed step by step setup from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04EmeXSZo_0&t=1342s.

At my office, not in my house, I tested the connection. IPChicken.com said that my that my public address through the VPN matches my house IP address.  

When I run a DNS leak test, dnsleaktest.com, I see my DNS addresses from my office. 

I have gone to the googles and have not found a solution yet. any help would be greatly appreciated. 



TETRA ===> Office Internet ===> Home pfsense firewall ===> Openvpnserver running on a PI

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