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Bash Bunny Attack only works if the windows defender disable.


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I turned off my windows defender and then copy some payloads into switch 1 and 2. I tested it and it works but then I turned on my windows defender and then test again, it created a folder on loot folder but no result. Can any one help.



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There area couple of ways I know to bypass this.  Everyone knows I do not give out answers right out but one way that would not be too hard for you would be to look at the Hak5 videos, especially one featuring VIS on disabling defender.  It is loud and noisy and you need admin rights but it works.  I know of a second way but involves more knowledge, code and following strict procedures.  Positive part is it doesn't require admin rights and is completely silent.  You should try VIS method first since it involves less code.  The silent way only affects the powershell session you run it in.  If you spawn a new one, you will have to do it again for that session.

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