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PineAP not working after FW upgrade


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After upgrading to the latest firmware 2.4.2 PineAP no longer adds any SSIDs to the pool. Nothing seems to be working correctly after power down and power up away from the computer. Have had the device for over a year and stopped using it for a while then started again recently and wanted the latest firmware. BIG mistake! (2.2.0 previously)

I am also unable to connect to the Management AP. It works if I am connected to the computer and manually change the password and it restarts after saving. BUT as soon as the device is powered down and then attached e.g. to power source and powered on again I am unable to connect. The Management AP is visible but it refuses the connection.

After reading other posts this seems to be the case for many owners. Please Hak5 take a look into this seriously!!!

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What are your Filters set to?

  • You need both Client/SSID Filtering fields empty
  • You need both Client/SSID Filtering to be set as Deny
  • PineAP Daemon enabled
  • Capture SSID's to Pool checked
  • Log PineAP events needs to be checked

in order for SSID's to be added to the pool.

* Also consider that manufactures are probably upgrading mobile firmware to prevent PineAP from sniffing probes. I forgot where the actual statement was mentioned on these forums ... >.>

* Also, Also, wlan1 is reserved for PineAP. So, if you have a connection running under wlan1 instead of wlan2, that would explain why no ssid's are capturing.

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I've been running into a similar issue. First with SSIDs and MACs not adding to filters and then with PineAP refusing to start/enable ata ll. 

Although im not SURE what fixed it, this worked for me.  I had intended on setting the FW back but ran into ID10T issues and tried this first and my shits working again.  I was afraid that my wlan0 was fudging up and causing these isues so I added the hak5 shop mini usb wifi adapter to the pineapple and i setup the wifi client mode on wlan2. 

then, i reset the pineapple and set it up again. (just the button reset, not a FW flash)

now, WITHOUT installing any modules, goto recon and hit scan. 

it says "pineap has to be started, start pineap" and hit start pineap. 

then, click the three menu lines and select something other than recon, and then select recon again. 

hit scan again. 

Now, you should be able to add macs and SSID to the filter. 

check and see that theyre adding. 

goto PineAP and note that the daemon is now enabled. 



AND NOW THAT IT WORKS.....what do i do with this thing? It was a gift and ive had a great time getting it working but now im not sure what to do. 

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Thanks for the replies!

I managed to get it working at least I could get SSIDS into the pool. I haven't had time to test it more than that. There was definitely a problem, not sure if it was the upgrade but I never had problems before and now it seems a reset was needed to get PineAp to work properly. But at others times the reset didn't help. I'll keep testing when I have time.

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