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PortalAuth not working


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When i try to clone portals in PortAuth i always get the same error log telling me that an module named "tinycss" does not exist, thus can not be imported. link to error log: https://paste.pics/4GGQG

How can i install "tinycss" to my pineapple so it can be imported?

Solutions to this problem will be greatly appreciated.

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On a tetra (I havent tried on my nano) you can install pip. Then its just 'pip install tinycss' - but looking at the module it should install tinycss as part of module install.


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I've looked through the module and Tinycss is in the module itself however it still calls the Tinycss module not found error.

I've read on other forums to rip sudonicks GitHub version 1.9 so I tried that, used chmod -R 755 /PortAuth-master but still nada

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I should add that the issue I'm having with 1.9 is that I'm unable to get beyond the install dependencies screen once 1.9 is copied and chmodded to the nano.

Module opens up and the green install button has a broken file icon. 

I've also tried setting various scripts inside includes/scripts as executable but still end up with the same results


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Finally got past the dependencies issue with 1.9.

Realized that simply dropping the unzipped folder downloaded from GitHub wasn't doing the trick, manually installed git and git-http to SD then linked to root and ran the git clone with git//: instead of HTTPS//:



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