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FLUXION, after the handshake nothing happen ...


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Hello Guys,

I am new in the Kali Linux World, i have installed Kali 2017.1 in a USB, and run it in persistence mode, i have installed "Fluxion 5.6" after 4 days of working and searching.

now i am able to get the handshake, but after that, when i choose the "The Captive Portal" and "Rogue AP - hostapd" and "cowpatty verification" and finally "Create an SSL certificate" after choosing the language i have something like this, it's not mine, but it is similar to my case with some differences.


in the "FLUXION AP Service" window i don't have INTERFACE-DISABLED
and in the "FLUXION AP DHCP Service" window i don't have receive_packet failed on fluxw12v : Network is down

This is it,
if someone could help me, why i don't see any clients and no attempts, nothing is happenning.

Thank you.

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