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more specific, are u gonna check ur mail via wireless or smart Tech?

do u want to be able to use deceint applications or use palm?

do u want to spend money? do u want it to run on Linux? do u want it to shit over every one elses?

so heres comes my suggestion, im using a cheap lowend HP iPaq, has wirless 600mhz CPU, 256Ram, and a 3GB SD card, running Windows Mobile 5. it doesnt have Bluetooth, though now has an adaption, doesnt support smart, but has the connection for my mobile. dosnt have a cam, doesnt need one.

I pretty much use it for emails and RSS feeds in the morning, and torrenting over night on hot days, all up with the attatchments, Sony Phone Connect, Blue Ant Smart Phone Blue tooth dongel, and my HP iPaq Keyboard. all cost me ruffly $250, so its gonna be cheaper in US.

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