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How Kali scans out Lan without wifi connected?


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Hello... I run Kali on Virtual box with bridge network configuration.

When i am in Kali i don't connect to my wifi but i still can perform scans against ip out of Lan but if i try to visit a site its like i am not connected to the wifi. How is possible to scan and use tools out of Lan but if i try to visit a site its not possible?


Mention that in same time i am connected to wifi from Windows. I just wonder.. is it allow me to use the network for some things but dont to visit site in Kali?

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12 hours ago, Rkiver said:

In fairness Manos87 a lot of what you've been asking the past few days is better answered by reading the Kali Linux site on setup.

This is my second only question and is something weird thats why i asked. But maybe its good to read instructions on Kali Linux, thanks.

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