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So, did I just get bad hardware?


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I purchased a TETRA and out of the box it continuously rebooted when powered on. I figured I hadn't supplied enough power for it to finish the boot, so I used the supplied power adapter. Again, the rebooting continued. So, I decided to monitor the UART output, and discovered that when it finished booting up, the kernel would panic with a kernel page allocation fail. Hmm, bad firmware image from the factory? 

So I downloaded the factory image, flashed it with the UBOOT recovery website, then it was able to finish the boot. (Whew!)

So I decided to start monitoring some networks and fired up PineAP.


Again I tried to monitor,  with both the power brick (plugged in first, in case the on board power chip chooses the first device to provide power and doesn't switch) and the USB-Y cable, Reboot.

Tried a 12v 4a capable power supply, same reboot issue when the radios are turned on. I've tried to supply this thing with countless configurations of power adapters/USB cables, all of which should be sufficient for the rated input (24w), but no dice. So now I'm starting to think that I got a bum power supply on the board (I'm sure there is some switching supply on board to supply the chip voltages.)


All of this is to say, has anyone else suffered from these issues from a Model MK5.8 TETRA? 

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Here's a little more info, after removing the board from the case, the issue goes away. So I thought it could be heat related. I put a fan on it, still the same reboot issue when the radios are turned on. Next, leaky RF from one of the coax cables. Sure enough, if I turn on the radios (PineAP) and move the antenna coax for the back left antenna (the one closest to the barrel jack input) over the 25v input cap, the device reboots. Every single time I move the coax near the on board power supply I get a reboot. Seems like the issue is shielding.

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