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I can see from the requiretool.sh that you can see REQUIRETOOL impacket if you wanted the impacket tool to be installed.

So to install python3 I assume it would be REQUIRETOOL python3

now say a tool requires pip install, how would this work?

pip install xxxx


Any help greatly appreaciated.




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As the Bash Bunny is essentially a Debian linux machine, just use apt-get install python for either version 2.7.3 or the newer python 3 versions. Then you can use PIP. If things don't install, make sure you are running with sudo privileges.


EDIT: The impacket example is actually the tools compiled for the Bash Bunny into a single .deb file, which may then be installed using the dpkg package manager, hence the REQUIRETOOL part checks the tools directory to see if this is installed, and uses the tools there. You won't need to do this in Python, just simply tell the bash script to execute a python script, the same way you would run a .py file from the command line.

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