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Hey guys,

I have bought the WiFi Pineapple Nano and I am using a device which only has a USB C interface.  Now I understand the WP Nano comes with a Y cable which outputs to a single USB 3.0 male but my device only has USB 3.1 (USB -C) ports.   Will I still be able to use this device or will this prevent the WP Nano from functioning correctly?  If so, does anyone have a work around as I'm using a Wacom MobileStudio Pro 13 i7 as my hacking device.  

Many Thanks

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On 12/22/2018 at 9:32 AM, biob said:

Clearly not if someone is pointing you to the adapter to use without the explanation. Use some logic.... if there’s a converter, there’s a very good chance it will work without a problem!


Sorry guys .... I'm not as savvy with this as you guys clearly .... I'm new to this but the reason I pose the question is I have been using a MobileStudio Pro 13 (by WACOM) to do pen testing ... or trying to ... but I cannot seem to see any of my physical interfaces in airmon-ng when Im using a virtual machine.  I'm trying to run wifite script but obviously I cant do that without my wifipineapple and my internet connection showing up in airmon-ng

I don't suppose any of you tech gods could actually help an enthusiast out?  Its not like I havent been trying I've been trying to install this for nearly 12 months!!!  And I'm not even lying.  I have quit on several occasions because no matter what I did I couldnt get my previous adapters to show so I figured buying a WiFi Pineapple Nano would fix the issues but it didn't ... I have the exact same issues.

I really dont know how to get around this and I'm hoping that the good souls of Hak5 might give me a little guidance.  I can't do much without the suite being setup properly and I've watched more videos than I care to even speak about to try and fix this ... I've spend weeks and weeks of video time reinstalling and uninstalling etc etc .... it's just bloody infuriating.

Please ..... does anyone have a little time to help me get these darn adapters showing in Kali?   I'm willing to pay!  I just need some guidance.

Thanks in advance people and here's wishing you all a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2019.


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Update:  I installed KALI as separate partition and its running standalone so my wifi card shows up but I'll be damned if I know how to actually get the nano to do what I assumed I bought it to do .... and thats crack WPS using wifite or airgeddon.  STILL does not detect as a WIFI card ... only as a USB ethernet device.  So my question now is ..... does this card even support monitor mode?  Or is it not even a monitor mode wifi card?   What am I missing.  Help an old fool out guys 🙂


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