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PineAP broken on Tetra


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Can't find a real answer on the forums to it and see tons of other people having the same problem.

I have a Tetra, running V2.4.2 and whenever I go to switch Pine AP daemon to enabled, it will show the pineapple icon for a moment and then go back to disabled.

If I go to Recon I am warned that Pine AP must be enabled before I can scan, I click the prompt to enable it but it disappears and when I click scan it appears again telling me Pine AP hasn't activated.


I am able to SSH to my tetra from my Macbook, phone, or Windows PC and manually perform a scan but whenever I go to use the web interface it NEVER enables Pine AP.

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Underneath the toggle to enable pineap is a toggle that starts pineap when the pineapple starts up. enable that, clear the cache and restart.

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