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Hmm, the language of the C2


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Just wondering.  For a few months I have been playing with a new language and since your C2 launched something about it and the new language I am enjoying seems familiar.

The deployment as a single binary, the cross platform of it, the ability to do web right from the binary without any WSGI needing to be in front of it.  Is this thing written in GoLang?

If so, are you utilizing gRPC as one of the communication channels between the devices and the C2?  Could speed things up.  I know gRPC is for more than GoLang, I was introduced to it during my journey of Go though.  Anyway, just curious.  🙂


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Nevermind, while searching for something else I came across the C2 web talk I missed when it was released.  Seen Seb mention it is written in GoLang.  I love Go.  Been hanging out in the BloodHound slack shooting the sh** with them about stuff and Go is one we talk about a lot like how to make dlls with it (not straight forward and still involves C or C++ to consume and make into dll).  I love it.  Mixes the best of both worlds of the new Python/Ruby crowd who like verbose with static type languages with concurrency baked in.

Wonder why I see post talking about running the C2 behind a WSGI?  The idea behind Go is microservices that can handle all that on their own without Apache or NGINX.

Seeing how this product has a paid version, it is understandable why the code is closed.  Would be nice to be able to contribute but it is all good.

Hmm, wonder if I can compile a Go binary for the BB like I can for the Pi?  😛


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Yeah, I found it.  I been playing with Go a lot.  I love it.  Python and JS is cool but has been pissing me off with its lack of types making me having to confirm types manually before using versus in typed languages if I throw the wrong type at it, I get an error or exception I can handle.  😐

Go bridges that gap plus cross compilation is a plus.  Been loving it.

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