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LG K4 - Pineapple Nano will NOT tether


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Have an LG K4 (2017).

When I start the Wifi Pineapple Nano App it asks if I am tethered.  I sez No, and am dumped to the LG K4 screen for setting up a Hotspot.  No, nothing happens from there.

I sez, Yes, as in, "I am tethered", and go to (on the LG) Settings -> Tethering, and USB Tethering is grayed out.

And yes, tethering is grayed out when the LG isn't connected to the Wifi Pineapple.

I plugs the LG into my laptop, and no problem.  Tethering option on the LG is functional.

Aside from getting a different phone, any ideas?



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