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No Packages Found Error


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Good evening;

I am setting up my lan turtle 3g for the first time and noticed that I was getting a no modules found error.

on further investigaiton I noticed that in the module manager it calls out to a wiebsite that does not exist. aka 404 error.

I updated to v5 of the firmware. What is the proper URL for this?

In looking at the Hak5 github I noticed that the packages are located there. Any assistance on resolving this issue would be greatly appreciated.

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Can you ping google or any other site from the shell prompt?




ping www.google.com


I had to start my module manager manually from the shell (bash) prompt (exit the turtle menu)


/etc/turtle/modules meterpreter configure
/etc/turtle/modules meterpreter start
/etc/turtle/modules meterpreter stop


/etc/turtle/modules modulemanager start 


See if that will get you going.

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I think if you disable the WAN Fallback, the 3G connection will its only way to be on the internet.


The LAN turtle should work without a 3G SIM card as well.


Could you share your /etc/config/network (cat /etc/config/network) settings?

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