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Firmware 2.4.2 breaks everything?


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So I got a Nano from a friend and had firmware 1.X.X running for a while and everything was working besides the fact the spoofed ssids didn't provide wifi. After poking around I realized my firmware was very out of date so I did the updated to 2.4.2. Now it seems like everything is just broken. CPU is pegged at 100% almost all the time, even when nothing is running. PineAP hasn't captured a single SSID even though 20 minutes ago while running the other firmware I had about 25. Just to make sure I wasn't just being impatient I let it run for 12 hours. Still nothing. So far for troubleshooting I've tried factory resetting the device (2x), ran my laptop with just wifi as well as with ethernet, ran the wp6.sh script and confirmed all the interfaces were correct. At this point I'm starting to wonder if maybe I'm just doing something wrong? Has anyone had these kind of issues? If so, how did you fix it?

Side note, I'm using Ubuntu, not sure if that matters.

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Pretty disappointed. my Nano was working fine before this update. now I cant get pineap working at all. no clients ever connect.  I believe I was on 2.02 before I updated today.


Ive tried factory reset

tried reverting to FW 2.02.

ics working.

filters are in deny mode.

not sure where else to look  for support.

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