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Inordinately Large Files: 80 MB+


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Hi, I am a new user of Pandora's Jar and am very pleased with it (once I got it to work,) but I have a problem.

Some of the songs I download work fine and go into their mp3/artist/ folder and are great. However, some files (half or more) become very large. Just looking at some of the files: 88.2, 88.0, 87.7...

Is anyone having this problem and is there a fix for it. Perhaps Pandora's Jar is just padding the files and there is a way to reduce this or trim the files into a neat little package.

Just checked, and they don't work in iTunes.

Notes: I'm using the Greasemonkey workaround, Flash 8.0.24, FF 2.whatever it is, Win XP, Newest JRE.

Thank you kindly.

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I'd say it's most likely something else that is running on the system.

what might create 80mb files in the temp dir?!

PJ grabs the latest file in the temp dir that seems to be an MP3 file...

perhaps someone should make the mp3 detection a bit more sensitive - and even bound it by size.

try to compare the first 1000k of two of these huge files, if they are the same - it is most likely a single file that is appended to in the temp dir, every 5-10 minutes, causing it to be detected instead of every ~second song.

check the log files and/or monitor the temp dir [including sub-dirs] (clean it up before starting pandora - it will make life easier).

If this is indeed the case - find out who's creating that file and stop that program/task.

good luck

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