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Chromebook flip. any one running linux?


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Amazon link to chromebook flip 4 core. Led backlit keyboard. 9 hour battery. Possible upgradable ssd.


My wife got me the flip but I can't have it until xmas.


it will my web development machine. I think it will be capable of some older gaming. Counterstrike 1.6 warccraft III.


ill start off with a duel boot linux mint configuration with maybe gnome shell 3 for a nice looking tablet style interface.


Any one running Linux on a chrome book? Or specifically any one running linux on a asus chromebook flip?

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My wife let me open a early Christmas present!


I highly recommend this machine asus flip. 479$


What I have done so far.

I can boot linux mint 19 from a usb. Using the Grub boot optIon 'toram' 

this will load the entire operating system to ram making a super responsive little machine. 🤗

then unplug the usb.


Some tweeks and some tools installed like.

Sublime text.



remote web development is the purpose of this purchase. I have some web sites I need to get back to working on.

I could mount the /home partition with a ftp server.


 I need a fancy SD->usb adapter. This machine has a micro sd slot. It seems that booting from the sd is not possible. The bulky usb situation seems flimsy, it could break if left in.


I have to decide how I'm going to run linux mint gnome3. I'm not ready to destroy the chrome partition. I kinda like it.


I just made a custom iso linux mint 19 gnome shell 3 with some development tools... gnome is the perfect tablet like Linux interface... ill post a video of its crispy response. and it looks cool in the dark.

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