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[edit] Google English? its Big Daddy!


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[edit: thread was called: Google UK is dead (for 10 mins), long live Google English?.]

Google UK stopped working for 15 mins, house goes crazy because "the internet is broken!". Tracert to www.google.co.uk, shows up this:

Which takes you to something called Google English. All the links still point to IP addresses not URL's so i'm guessing its not ready yet.

Any ideas what this is?


<home server, only 512kbit upload, ie slow... sorry but i'm poor>

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UK site seems to be kinda flakey right now, and strangely going to google.com isn't automatically pushing me back to .co.uk like normal? Kinda odd that the tracert for the .co.uk domain went to that IP address, but browsing to it shows up the "english" version.

Maybe just after rush hour on a wenesday was a bad time to let the cleaning lady into the server room...

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Its an odd one, even for NTL (got the 10mb line). Only site that seems to be effected is google.co.uk. Everything else is fine, and 3 people in the house are torrenting right now (although its only 200kps so it is kinda slow). So a titsup DNS server was the most likely cause.

What really interests me however, is the Google English page. I can find nothing about it beyond it being some kinda place where requests from non-english pages get routed if there in english.

And why did tracert locate this server when I was aiming for the UK google site? Does anyone know what is used for?

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Got it, its part of Googles upcoming "Big Daddy" upgrade. Semi public front end, without a lot of functionality at the moment.

[edit: this is actually fucking great! its like google, but without all the crap]

Worth checking out, link for anyone whos more interested:


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