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Problems with string_delay under 20ms... garbage. Help?


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I'm trying to set the STRING_DELAY amount to 10, but anything under 20 and I get complete garbage - volume changes, screen takes a photo of itself, random characters type. I made a test STRING before the STRING_DELAY 10, and the test string works fine... until it gets to the delay. It's about as simple a script as can possibly be made, so what am I doing wrong?

STRING this is a test and only a test

STRING_DELAY 10 this is a test and only a test

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For the record, if I type "STRING DELAY 20 this is a test and only a test" or anything higher than 20, it comes out fine. I'm using the newest HTML Ducky Encoder (beta)... perhaps that's the issue? However, string_delay doesn't work on the online website version at all...

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