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On 11/24/2018 at 11:02 AM, nastyolbstrd said:

Xavius, still baffled, says " So you're saying you terminate employees for suggesting that someone gets a basic foundation of networking and OS usage, prior to setting up a web server that's specific for C2? I'm curious, what exactly was so bad about what I wrote? Was it not kind enough? 🙂 "


Xavius, you went straight to the Rude and didn't offer any kind of help or suggestion. Being rude to clients is a great way to not have any clients. The fact that escapes you says volumes. Poor leadership leads to poor morale. Being rude and dismissive to colleagues is a great way to sewer morale in the work environment. I've had as many as 100 technicians and engineers of varying skill levels working with me. If someone is willing to learn, and is coachable, I'll spend as much time as is needed to get them up to speed. I expect the same thing from ALL of my engineers as well. Your attitude is your best asset or worst liability. When someone is Neither trainable or coachable and is dismissive and rude to Clients and/or co workers? You're Gone like Pizza on Friday Sport!

Bravo! I applaud your courage. I wish to actually learn everything I can about cybersecurity. I am starting with learning how to setup the cloud c2 to my o.mg plug right now and I am using your post to understand how to complete it.

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