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sshd config Q


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I'm probably going to do a bad job asking this but.....


Can one configure sshd to only connect with clients that already have the key in known_hosts?

ie: Not offer the server's public key to the client on first connection.  So if the client doesn't have the server's public key, its just gets a connection refused.

This would be linux; raspbian or kali on a Pi. (server)

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Sorry for posing a stupid question... but why ?

You can setup the client, to not connect if server is not in known_hosts, but as far as I see it, SSH wont function properly without sending servers public key.
I'm not sure, but I really can't see the point in it either ;)

If it' a matter of security, set key auth only, and disable ordinary password login. throw some fail2ban in front of it, and you should be fairly safe :)

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