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Finally got an email from "tech support" yesterday.  Note this is after multiple requests over 2 weeks via the web portal. The support is as follows:


I'm sorry you're having trouble with your TETRA. Please may I know how you are powering the device? Do you receive any IP address on your Linux machine when the light on the TETRA turns solid blue?


I expected more. Maybe a list of steps to perform and then report back on? Maybe a time for an online chat session (heck even through a free private IRC channel). I responded to the email quite quickly, here it is 12 hours later and no response.



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For the record I am using the power supply that came with the device, and yes I get an IP when connected via the USB to eth1 (which works intermittently) of This is using Linux per the support email, but the same work in Windows. I'll go steps further and report that I am running 2.4.1 after upgrading to 2.4.2 via PineAP and no improvement. On the web GUI I am able to connect through wlan1 to surrounding WiFi's, and pass this connection to my tethered Linux laptop. I still however can NOT connect to the device via wifi either by Linux, Windows 10, android or iPhone

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