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No DNS resolution from Nano or Wifi clients


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Hi All,

I've seen numerous threads about this issue and it always centers around ICS. 

In my case, this is not the issue IMHO.

From Nano (build 2.4.2):

  • Can ping (ICS on Windows PC)
  • Can ping or anything outside that will respond
  • Cannot resolve hostnames
    • ping www.ibm.com does not resolve
    • nslookup www.ibm.com does not work
    • Connected to the Wifi, the client cannot resolve the sites name

I have done tcpdumps from Nano to Windows PC (with Wireshark) to firewall and:

  • Obviously, I see the PING traffic in all three places.
  • However, DNS traffic does not seem to leave the Nano because I do not see it on the PC, nor on the firewall.
  • Same for WGET, I do not see the traffic on PC with Wireshark and firewall
  • Perhaps blocked by IPTABLES or something else... i cannot find any logs.

Any help would be appreciated.


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