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How many of you ACTUALLY use a unix variant


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I've noticed a lot of people on here seem to be in a state of permanant OS upgrade. Someone is always install gen too then fedora etc...

This says to me that: "i use windows mainly, but play with Linux on a separate partition". This does not qualify u as a *nix user!

I want to know who actually uses a Unix variant as their MAIN OS. Having a small windows partition for testing is o.k. But for your browsing, pr0n downloading, etc... it must be a *nix variant!

List what OS you use and how long you have had it installed.

*nix variant = Linux /*bsd

if your using BeOS... ha ha.


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My laptop which I use for work is Gentoo and I’ve been using Gentoo for around 2 years, my main work desktop is Fedora Core 5 and I have been using some form of Red Hat product since 1.0 which was back in 1995.

My main home box is running Debian and I have been using that since 1998, I do own 2 Windows box’s but there only used for gaming and the other is used for CAD work and with my ANT16 USB Logic Analyzer and DS1M12 Stingray USB Oscilloscope / Data Logger / Meter / Spectrum Analyzer, I would use Linux if I could but at the moment I can’t run a number of things that I need like SolidWorks and there is not an alternative programme that is industry standard that is designed for Linux.

UNIX wise I have a couple of Mac’s one I got for my girlfriend the other I watch DVD’s on and I have Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop and Illustrator installed and it's only use maybe twice a week other then that my main home server runs OpenBSD which I have been using for around a year but I have used HP UX and Solaris for along time in a work environment.

My other servers are running Debian which is only used for Asterisk and I have a sever running Gentoo.

I still like to keep a few extra boxes laying around so I can try out new distro’s but I tend to stick with Debian, Gentoo, OpenBSD and Fedora.

The distro’s I'm playing around with:






I tend to use my laptop the most so I would have to say that Gentoo is my Main OS.

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Windows user here. I like the idea of *nix a lot, but for my line of work (photography/film making/visual design) there just isn't the software on *nix yet.

Plus i'd wish Linux projects would stop forking every 30 seconds. Still not got any wireless on my Dell notebook... (yes i know, OSS spirit et all and Dell sux0rz).

Does Cygwin count lol?

Real shame BeOS died, even more so that Apple didn't use it. Anyone here actually old enough to have used it on a BeBox?

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I run Linux on my home machines as well as the laptop I use for work.

For those rare instances where I simply *MUST* use Windows, my employer has graciously supplied me with a VMWare Workstation license. :P

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I'm using FreeBSD 6 as a server at home (mail, www, file, etc.) and have been since FreeBSD 5.0. But I must admit that I mostly am logged into a different Windows XP machine. The real reason I'm logged is to play games. If Guild Wars were released on FreeBSD (or maybe even Linux) I'd probably convert my main OS from Windows.

As far as what I do most things in, most of my downloading is done via a SSH shell. All of my seeding of torrents are done using the screen command from my FreeBSD box.

Would I call myself a *nix user?? Yes. I use it frequently enough, and know enough about it, that I'd call myself a user.


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Id say that my computer time is maybe 60 percent linux use and 40 percent windows use. I use linux for all of my word processiing, web work, pr0n dloadin and just about everythign else. Windows is for gaming and seeing as how im going to be xp certified in 2 months i sort of need to be on it.

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I wont lie, i use Linux about 3 hours a week give or take. Recently i have been increasing my use but since i only have one computer and the wifey needs to use the Japanese language support on windows i have to keep windows up most of the time. I know there is Japanese support in Linux but havent tried turning it on yet (lazy).

As for video editing cinerralla has a shitty interface!! Needs some major work!! IMHO

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Thanks, I will say one thing about the Gimp it is just as good as Photoshop.

No, its not. It might be given time, and it is very very good given that its free, but its not as good as Photoshop CS2. Had a brief play with it, and its not a sutible replacement *for my needs*.

Hopefully, once Photoshop et all for OSX x86 comes out, it won't be to much of a misson to port it to linux or bsd.

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I have been using Gentoo as my main operating system for about 3 months now. Before that I used OSX / Solaris as the two operating systems I used most. For work however, recently I have been using Windows again because of a .NET project in C# that requires a .NET connector for SAP that is only for Windows :(

So I suppose I am spending an equal amount of time on Gentoo and Windows. I write all my personal code and school code on Gentoo, and my work code is being developed on Windows currently.

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<offtopic> What is up with .NET? <rant> I mean, I had to write a VB .NET program to work with an Access database, and not only is it stupidly slow at doing any thing with the database, the programing involved is so unesserily complex for a program of it's type. I would have much rather writen it in PHP, since the senario we had to make it for use over a network any way it makes so much more sence!</rant></offtopic>

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Main Box = Windows (it keeps me employed)

Laptop = Windows/Slackware 10.1, Slack would be my primary OS on it if my WiFi worked in 2.6

Server1 = Windows Server 2003

Server2 = Windows Server 2003

Server3 = Slackware Linux 10.2 Linux Kernel

G3 = Mac OS 9.2 & Mac OS 10.4

Media Center Box = Not sure yet

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