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SSID Monitoring Alarm


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Hey everybody... I‘ve got a security job where i need to monitor an Wlan Connection. It is not about cracking or getting into the network, but i nee an Alarm if an Acces Point breaks down!

Has anybody an idea how to solve that? I‘ve been looking into various ideas but i haven‘t found a solution. And no breaking in is no option!

Thanks in advance for any idea! Any help would be apreciated!

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Okay maybe i'll give some more explanations...

There is a site XY which belongs to a company i need to monitor. I dont have physical acces to their building, i dont have passwords for their network and i do not want to gain any of these!

What can i do? As i said i would like to monitor when the ssid goes down. And it should be on a very fest recuring speed, does not need to be live but 1min should be at most of the timing it need to fullfill the test so almost instant alarming.

You say get a router that does it? Any suggestions?

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Does the access point broadcast SSID Beacons? If so then you could put together a simple setup with something like a Raspberry Pi that continually sniffs the SSID Beacons it can see and if it doesn't see the one you're monitoring within the last X seconds it sends an alert.

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