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Tetra repeater ?


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Hi all, it's been weeks that I hesitate to invest in a device as incredible as Pineapple TETRA, but I also wanted to use it out of my desires for exploration in the world of wifi. Hence my question, which may seem a bit silly, but is it possible to configure the device as a bridge or WiFi repeater? I thought I could use it within an association I am part of to extend the existing wifi network, without its members being forced to invest in expensive equipment.

I came across this article that seems to explain the way forward, but not wishing to advance too much, I prefer to ask the expert opinion ! :)

Thank you for your reply !

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On 1/18/2019 at 2:30 PM, nikmel420 said:

this isnt quite i tech, but if i use it as "repeater" its on Ethernet cable from downstairs i just change then hide the client access point. then connect to it. 

The issue with connecting to it clientside (wlan1) is that isn’t an unencrypted connection. Is that ever an issue for you?

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