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Just Received Nano - Antenna Floppy Issue...UGH


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Just received my Nano and seems like the quality is very lacking.  The Antennas  do not fit right no matter how much you tighten them down they flop around and  don't stay up.  The most frustrating part about this is that this has been an issue dating back before 2016 as other members on this forum have complained.  Why doesn't Hak5 just resolve the issue or ship different antennas.

Sure I could take the Nano apart and drill larger holes so I can tighten down the nuts further or change out the antennas but should I have to do that?  You spend a couple of hundred bucks on a piece of hardware you think they would get their QA in order.

Darren Kitchen please do us a favor and spend just a little less time doing videos on youtube  or filming yourself traveling the word and little more time in the shop on the quality assurance of your products.


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Thanks for the info guys.  Sorry I originally had this plugged directly into my laptop and these antennas make it very tricky to work with if your walking around since they flop around.  I have since purchased a USB extension cable and leave the unit on my side or in my backpack with the USB cable extended and plugged into my laptop or tablet.  Also, upgraded antennas didn't have this issue so all good.



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