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Weird things happening


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Every time I plug my Tetra into my pc to navigate to,  a new tab opens up that goes to msn.com.  Im using windows 10 and chrome.  I dont ever go to msn.com for any reason.  Has anybody else had this happen? @Sebkinne @Foxtrot

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6 minutes ago, Sebkinne said:

No clue, sorry. Definitely not us ?

Definitely didnt think it was anything you guys did, just started when I upgraded to 2.4.2.  Didnt know if it was just a windows thing since it only happens on my windows pc so far.  I check it out on OSX to see if it does it there and if the same happens when I plug the nano in.

exact url : https://www.msn.com/?ocid=wispr&pc=u477

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